All orders shipped by FedEx MUST be shipped to a commercial/store address.

How It Works




We offer FREE Delivery service to all states that are highlighted in the yellow color. We understand that running a business means purchasing your supplies at the most competitive prices and in the most efficient manner possible. That's why we deliver all kinds of professional nail supplies to many different states. We have multiple distribution centers that allow our drivers to load up our company trucks with the products in your order and deliver directly to your address of choice. 


Place your order online and our company delivery drivers will deliver your products right into your store or home. We'll call you to let you know when we will be making the delivery, so that you can make sure you are ready to receive your order! No more lifting heavy and bulking boxes to run your business. Let us do all the heavy lifting so that you can have peace of mind whenever you have to buy your supplies. 





We offer expedited Pallet Shipping to all states that are highlighted in the orange color. Due to the limited range that we are able to drive and deliver products to you, we have partnered with dedicated freight companies that help us deliver to states that are farther than 500 miles from a distribution center. This helps us minimize any shipping costs while providing you with the most competitive prices. The products you order will be shipped to you on a neatly wrapped pallet and delivered by a freight truck.


Place your order online and we will wrap all of the products in your order on a pallet that will be shipped to your store address by a dedicated freight truck. No more driving long distances to purchase supplies in big cities that offer better prices. We will bring those competitive prices straight to you so that you can save time and money! 




Have Questions?

Feel free to drop us an email or phone call with any questions so that we can help you to learn more about our products, services and the lowest prices.


Phone (Toll-Free): (877) 353-8101