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Acrylic Sneeze Guard, Extra Thick (1/4") for Nail Station - 5 Pack



SNEEZE GUARD – Effective device to protect against exposure to micro droplets and germs. Great barrier against sneezing or coughing. A large pass-through opening at the bottom of the sneeze guard also offers a convenient window that allows you to interact with your clients or customers while maintaining the appropriate measures to stay safe and healthy.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Manufactured with High Quality, Super Clear Acrylic Plexiglass (1/4” thick), this shield is strong, sturdy, and shatter resistant. With ample width and height, this sneeze guard can significantly reduce exposure to sneezing or coughing, creating a safe work environment for both you and your clients.

TRANSPARENT – Industrial grade, quarter-inch thick Acrylic plexiglass is advantageous over other materials such as plastic, as this solution maintains a transparent and perfectly see-through solution that provides a safe and comfortable experience for your clients and colleagues. Take advantage of the convenient opening on the bottom of the window to pass papers or objects through to the other person sitting across from you.

EASY ASSEMBLY – This package includes one (1) Acrylic Sneeze Guard, two (2) Acrylic-Triangular Stands, and Protective Film that is covering all surfaces. No tools or drilling! Simply insert the stands into the sneeze guard and place it up straight – as easy as 1-2-3! Start protecting yourself and others in just a few seconds!

SAFETY FIRST – Take the necessary and responsible measures to keep everyone safe while at a work place! This sneeze guard is a must-have protection gear for offices, schools, banks, hotels, supermarkets, grocery stores, hair/beauty parlors, nail salons, and more.

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